Executive Search

Our Approach

Our approach to Executive Search is a blend of contingent and retained structures, offering you a comprehensive and cost-effective process. By combining our extensive knowledge gathering and screening techniques, we create a candidate pool that consists only of the “best in class” individuals. This approach results in a lower total placement cost while providing you with top-notch human capital resources.

TCHG Executive Search Redefining Excellence!
Search Phasing and Deliverables

TCHG Executive Search takes a meticulous approach to lead and execute your search:

  1. Collaboration: We work closely with your Executive Team to thoroughly understand your needs, requirements, and company culture. From this collaboration, we develop a search profile that addresses key elements of the “Company, Position, and Person.”
  2. Discovery and Sourcing: Leveraging our extensive global network, we initiate the discovery and sourcing of candidates.
  3. Candidate Screening: We employ three (3) diverse yet complementary approaches to optimize candidate screening and interviewing:
    • Initial Fit and Interest
    • Technical Fit and Skills Appropriateness
    • Qualitative/Personality Profiling, utilizing our proprietary methodology based on measuring a candidate’s “EQ” or emotional quotient.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure the “Quality of the Hire” and to gain a deep understanding of each candidate’s technical expertise, communication abilities, and long-term potential contributions to your organization

What You Can Expect from Us

From our efforts, your organization will benefit from:

  • Focused Candidate Sourcing: We use cutting-edge software, social networking, and consultation with you to identify and source professionals from similar roles and relevant industries.
  • Client Presentation of Candidates: We present a detailed shortlist of candidates within 18 to 24 days from the start of the search. Our approach allows for easy comparison and contrasting of candidates against the position requirements.
  • Fully Vetted Panel of Candidates: Each candidate undergoes at least three separate, high-quality interactions to ensure consistency in their responses with respect to the position requirements.
  • Support and Consultation: We assist you throughout the selection process, including reference checking, offer extension, negotiation, and determining a start date for the new hire.