About TCHG

At TCHG, we specialize in providing unparalleled executive search and interim services dedicated to placing transformational leaders who drive innovation and growth. Our commitment to identifying exceptional individuals who can steer organizations through change is unwavering. With a rigorous assessment process and a deep understanding of the qualities that define true transformational leadership, we ensure that every candidate we present aligns seamlessly with your unique needs and aspirations. Our mission is to empower your organization with leaders who not only meet the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape but also shape its future for sustained success.

Redefining Your Journey to Exceptional Leadership.

Our Mission – Simply…

To introduce candidates and companies, upon when joined together can produce remarkable results.

Commitment to Clients

At TCHG, we are dedicated to gaining your trust, confidence, and exceeding your expectations. Our commitments to our clients include:

  1. Value: Each search receives retained-level services at a more reasonable pricing level.
  2. Time to Fill: We guarantee a rapid turnaround time for retained “C-level” positions, from the start of the search to the offer, in just 62 days.
  3. Precision of Hire: Our proprietary methodology has consistently demonstrated a 90% success rate in identifying the right candidate within just five (5) or fewer candidates.
  4. Confidence: We only accept searches where we are confident in our ability to succeed.
  5. Communication: We offer regular and agreed-upon communication, including weekly progress reports, project timelines, established milestones, and deliverables.